Geek the Halls

This is a gallery dedicated to my ornaments and other crafts I have done to build up my store and also for commission! As I make more items, I will upload them here and continue to grow my portfolio!

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  • Dream Daddy Themed Keychains
  • Tinsel Enamel Pin
  • Weeb Trash Resin Charm
  • Customer commission of UP themed toasting glasses
  • Dragon Ball Inspired Ornaments
  • Hand Painted Kawaii Mugs
  • Totoro
  • Princess Mononoke
  • D.VA- Overwatch
  • Notice Me Senpai! <3
  • Allons-y!
  • In Memory...
  • Red XIII
  • Eve
  • Baymax
  • No Face
  • Soot Sprite
  • Shade
  • After All This Time?
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